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About Us

With a modern and minimalist design, Mojo Beach Bar will offer a unique gastronomic experience serving both the restaurant and the bathers' area for the best service of the guests!

Small meals, impressive delicacies and delicious desserts from the creative and talented team of chefs, and at the same time you can cool off by choosing from a wide variety of drinks, wines and cocktails!

Relax by the sea, soak up the sun on the golden sand and ask for your cocktail at Mojo Beach Bar.

The sea will keep you all day, will cool you down, will relax you, will forbid you any thought of leaving and will deliver you to the afternoon sun. Now remember the first time you saw the sunset in Lesvos-Petra.

Open from early in the morning, "Mojo" gives the visitor the opportunity to combine his swim in the crystal clear waters of Petra, enjoying refreshing drinks and exotic cocktails.

Of course, the fun is not limited to the beach hours, but lasts until the ... small night hours with the music waking up the guests and the delicious cocktails giving another color to the fun.

Mojo Beach bar Petra Lesvos
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